Sunday, March 28, 2010

Freak the Mighty

(Max) 'And then... I started connecting all these things I was thinking about. And I had a crazy thought. Since Freak showed me I could read a book, maybe I could write one, too. Then I thought to myself, "Who are you kidding, Max Kane? You got no brain." So I wrote that down. And then kept on going... until it was spring again and I reached my last page. Now, only this dumb writer could get writer's block on his last page. You see, I just didn't know how to end it.

"Yet some men say in many parts of England that King Arthur is not dead, that he shall come again, that there is written this verse upon his tomb, which lies at the bottom of the lake, "Here Lies King Arthur, Once And Future King."
Once AND future king.
Now, that could either mean that he will come again... or, I had a better idea that when someone so great once was then someone so great will always be. And by the time we get here, which I guess should be the end, you're gonna know the story of Freak the Mighty, who slayed dragons, saved maidens and walked high above the world.

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